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English Teaching Jobs

English teaching jobs are available in plenty of numbers all over the world. Thanks to the trend of globalization, English has risen as a lingua franca and non-English speaking people are aspiring to learn the language to further their professional, educational and personal interests. This has naturally led to a huge demand for English teachers and people interested in taking up English teaching jobs abroad would find many worth-while openings.

Teach English Abroad

What is teaching English as a second language around the world?

Teaching English around the world gives a brilliant opportunity of traveling in various foreign countries. The ESL teachers get an opportunity to travel around not like a tourist but can stay for months and years in these countries. The English teachers can experience various cultures, mingle with people and get a first hand experience of traveling. While traveling in various countries in the world, the teachers will be able to visit many places of attractions, taste indigenous food and get a taste for various cultures.

ESL jobs are abundant in countries around the world. The highest demands of English teachers are in Europe, Asia and Latin America. The native English speakers, mainly the residents of USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are the eligible for good ESL jobs. Thousands of teachers from these countries go to Asia, Europe and Latin American each year for teaching English and traveling at the same time. It is lifetime experience no doubt, to travel and earn enough to sponsor the trip.

ELT: English Language Training

English Language training or ELT as it is commonly known is also referred to as TESOL or TEFL. TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. English has now evolved as the lingua franca and is used widely all over the globe. English since the 20th century was the most important language for business and with the advent of Internet the significance of English has increased. English is the trading language of both English speaking countries and non English speaking countries. In recent times, inter-state trade and commerce are considerably high and English has developed as the source of communication for this.

TEFL: Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Teaching English as Foreign Language is applicable to the countries where English is not used daily and to most people this language is foreign. Like for example, in countries like Brazil, Mexico, China, Thailand and other countries where English is not used for any purpose. These countries today understand the growing need of learning English to cope with the global environment.

A common language is always required for diplomatic activity and trade, in recent times English has taken this place. The advent of English as the main second language or foreign language is due to the political and economic supremacy of the English speaking countries. Thus, English today has evolved as the language of business and communication throughout the world.

The governments of almost all the countries around the world have understood the importance of English as a global language of economics. It is the language which is absolutely necessary for trade and commerce. Companies and industries today have also understood the importance of English and have made it compulsory for most of the employees. The companies sometimes organize English language training in their premises or make sure that their employees get trained outside.

According to the statistics ten million people, adults, teens and young children spend hours learning English each week. English as a language is taught in private language schools, elementary schools, high schools and universities.

What contributes to so many English teaching jobs?

English language teachers are constantly required in the developed and the developing world. All major cities in the world have 30 to 100 language schools. Apart from the language schools private schools hire 10 -50 teachers each year. About 300, 000 native English teachers are required for 40, 000 language schools all over the world. The contracts are usually of 6 to 12 months and most of the native English speakers look for a short term job. Thus the need for English teachers remains constantly. The hiring processes of the teachers are quite simple and most of the times it is done through Internet and phone.

The kinds of students:

AS an ESL teacher you will have to expect to teach a wide range of students. They can be college students, children, housewives or corporate employees. English now is a common language for business, education, medicine and travel. Good command over English is required for career growth and development. The growing important of Internet and communication through emails or test messages has further boosted the demand. Verbal communication is the main hurdle for most students even those who have studied English in the primary level.


In the continents of Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa more and more adults are enrolling for the English training for professional purposes. It is absolutely necessary for a professional to learn to read, write and speak English properly. It is necessary for the employees to learn English for career growth. While teaching English to the adults, it is necessary to stress on verbal communication.

Classes for Adult English students:

Many language schools offer language training to the adults after work or on weekends. The classes are mostly short of 45 to 60 minutes.

Adult students working in corporate:

Language schools also cater to many corporate clients. English teachers are sometimes sent to the offices to train the clients. Classes are held in the conferences for around 45 to 90 minutes.


English lessons for children:

Mostly, TEFL certified teachers are appointed for teaching young learners. The assistant language teachers are also appointed along with native English speakers.

Young students usually from the age of five start learning English as a second language in most parts of the world. Students going for higher studies also learn English as they need to sit for TOEFL exams for going to study abroad. Summer English camps are also quite popular with the students in the schools. It is mostly known as English Immersion Program.

Teachers of English:

English is taught all over the world and mostly native English speakers are hired for this purpose. Native English teachers are mostly teachers belonging to the countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Most of the teachers want to go abroad and teach English as they can combine a long vacation with it. An EFL job can easily help in supporting travel expenses. A degree and a TEFL certificate are mostly necessary for teaching English to the students in foreign countries. The typical contract is for six to twelve months.

Will they hire me if I am not a foreign language teacher?

The most important criteria for ESL job and an adventure overseas is the fluency in English. Native teachers who are good in reading, writing and speaking English are able to find good jobs. It becomes difficult for the students to teach speaking and reading English when they are themselves not good at it. Speaking English might be easy at times but that does not make you an expert teacher. Teaching skills are required simultaneously with knowledge.

Will I have to speak English in the country I teach?

No. Immersion technique is used to teaching language in most of the countries now. So the teachers are expected to teach English, in no other language but English. Some schools prefer teachers who are well acquainted with the local language. It is not necessary to know the local language thoroughly but a little knowledge helps a lot. In many schools the native English teachers are taught indigenous culture and language sometimes. As most of the students are unaware of English it is better to start with the other language.

Where can I get an English teaching job?

English teaching jobs are available all over the planet. The ESL teachers are high in demand in Asia, South America, Africa and Europe. In Asia, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea are the countries where ESL teachers are in high demand. Latin America and Europe are also hot spots of ESL teachers. The teachers thus get the greatest opportunity of traveling in beautiful locations and at the same time teaching English.

English teaching positions around the globe
Teaching jobs in private schools

There are huge numbers of language schools in most counties around the world. English is the most common language taught there. Conversational English is mostly harped upon in these language institutes. These private schools teach kids in the summer camps and adults in corporate offices. The teachers here will have to teach around 100 to 120 hours a month.

Public schools:

The native English speakers are hired regularly in the public schools. The teaching jobs in the schools are usually for 22 to 30 hours.


TEFL teachers are required for university teaching. English language teachers get a chance to teach at higher level.

Volunteer teaching:

Native English teachers are recruited regularly for government and non-government positions. Organizations like Peace Corps, Volunteer Service Overseas in the UK and other NGOs. Many church and religious organizations also sponsor ESL teachers.

Some popular ESL Job destinations:

Some of the most popular ESL destinations are Spain, Russia, Italy, Poland, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, Greece, Czech Republic, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Argentina and Chile.

How is the payment of ESL teachers? What can I expect?

There are many lucrative opportunities for ESL teachers all around the world. But it is not possible to become rich with a teaching career. Some of the countries in the world pay better salaries to the teachers. The ESL teachers can, however, maintain a moderate lifestyle. The English teachers are paid in the local currency, mostly. Teachers can make more money through private tuitions and extra classes. Teachers in universities and language schools get higher salary in comparison to private schools. The salaries given to the teachers are according to living standards of the teachers.

Financial Benefits:

Asia: In Asia the TESOL certified teachers mostly get the highest salary. It is even possible to save 30 to 50% of the salary in some of the countries. Apart from the salary, other benefits like airfare and free health insurance are given to the teachers.

Latin America and Europe: The teachers in Latin American and Europe are given enough salary to make a comfortable living.

More income:

the ESL teachers can also take private lessons and work extra hours to earn more. A frugal lifestyle can help in saving lot of money.

Do I need any certificate to teach?

An international training certification course is extremely necessary for teaching English. Along with a degree most teachers are required to have a TEFL or a TESOL certificate. 120 hours international TEFL training certificate is recognized around the world.

Online TEFL certification courses are equally popular like the onsite ones.

Who does TEFL course?

Age group – 18 to 80 Educational background - Non degrees, degree holders and also master degree holders also do the TESOL course. Gender - both males and females take TEFL training. Experience - Most of the TEFL students comes without experience. They come to learn intricacies of teaching English.

Important criteria for becoming a TEFL teacher:

Commitment, adventurous spirit and patience and flexibility are keys to becoming a good TEFL teacher. Along with it a TEFL or TESOL certification is extremely necessary

Can I get a teaching job abroad?

The ESL teachers can apply for jobs through the Internet. Sometimes it is possible to give interviews online or via telephone. Thousand of these kinds of positions are available in the world. The schools send offer letters and sometimes air tickets to the teachers after getting hired.

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Popular ESL Job Destinations

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