TESOL Diploma

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Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training

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Diploma in Train the Trainer Program

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TESOL Diploma

TEFL Diploma is the upgraded and superior form of TEFL certification course, which the teachers can take up to upgrade their skills. A TEFL Diploma is best for teachers who are already in the ESL profession. The abbreviation ‘TEFL’ stands for Teaching English as Foreign Language. An accredited TEFL certificate is mandatory for an ESL career and these teachers can upgrade themselves by doing the TEFL Diploma course.

Online TESOL Diploma

Diploma of TEFL course can be done by teachers both natives and non natives. Having ESL teaching experience or a TEFL certificate is better if the teachers want to do TEFL Diploma.

The teachers with diploma in TESOL is sure to get ESL jobs abroad with better payroll and other benefits. Both natives and non natives will be able to take a TEFL Diploma in case they have good hold over English language.

Three types of TEFL Diploma courses, which GLOBAL Training Academy offers to the teachers, are

Diploma in TESOL:

It is 220 hours online TESOL diploma course. This course will also include 20 hours of teaching practice and eight hours of Observed teaching practice.

Diploma in Teaching Business English:

it is a 100 hour TEFL training program with 10 hours of teaching practice. The trainees can observe teaching practices for 6 hours. It will groom the teachers totally for training business professional and corporate officials.

Diploma in Teaching Young Learners:

this is a 100 hours TESOL course with 10 hours of teaching practice and 6 hours of observed teaching practice. This is perfect for teachers teaching or wishing to teach at the primary or pre-primary level.

Diploma in Pre & Primary with Specialization in teaching English

Diploma in Pre & Primary with Specialization in teaching English is a unique course by GLOBAL Training Academy, which strives to give the teachers complete inputs on teaching kids all subjects as well as English as a second language. Teaching kids in the age groups of 2 – 12 needs training, practice and education. GLOBAL Training Academy in their efforts to give its students an exclusive teacher’s training has combined the Diploma in Pre & Primary with TESOL Young Learners.


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